Unions 1967- to Present

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In circa 1967, the Department of Student Unions was formed in an effort to coordinate the administration of all the student Unions on the Twin Cities campus. The four (and later three) unions still maintained independent governing boards, but a single Minnesota Union Coordinating Board was also formed, and given authority over the individual boards. This administrative arrangement lasted until 1985. From that time until 1991, the three student unions were again administered independently.

In 1991, Coffman Memorial Union and the West Bank Union merged their administrative structures and governing boards, and became the Minneapolis Student Union. By 1996, much of the space formerly administered by the West Bank Union had been given up. In that year, the name of the Minneapolis Student Unions was changed to Coffman Memorial Union and West Bank Services, and the name of the governing board was changed back to the Coffman Memorial Union Board of Governors.

In 1999, the administration of Coffman Memorial Union and the St. Paul student Center merged and became the Twin Cities Student Unions. The Governing boards were also merged on one year later, and became the Twin Cities Student Unions Board of Governors. In 2007 Twin Cities Student Unions became known as Student Unions & activities. 

Written by Jeremiah L. Mason

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