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Proposed union c 1910.jpg

Newspaper clipping of proposed Men's Building, c. 1910, Minnesota (Men's) Union Scrapbook, Berton M. Atkinson Archives

While the movement for a women's building has been associated with the union movement, Shevlin Hall was not described as union. However, the opening of Shevlin Hall did help spur men at the university to action and the men formed the Minnesota Union in 1908.[1] By May 1908 men at the University of Minnesota had raised $30,000 and drafted a constitution pledging to raise money for building the Minnesota Union, which would represent all of the men at the University of Minnesota.[2] The Board of Governors was established with the drafting of the constitution. [3]


Gopher, vol. 23, 1910, Courtesy of University Archives, University of Minnesota

The original hope was to have a new building constructed that would house the Union at a cost of $250,000.[4] In general, the argument provided in the Minnesota Alumni Weekly was that men needed a place where they could get a wholesome meal and a space that would provide camaraderie. It was seen as necessary for men to develop as members of the university community: According to President Northrop: "It would be one of the most effective contributes which it is possible for them to make for it would tell mightily on the habits, and manners, and character of the men of the University and its influence would be as prolonged as Eternity." The Board of Regents recommended that the state provide $150,000 toward the construction of the building [5].

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