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Meet the Committee

Coordinator Group Photo.jpg

While it is still more than six months away, extensive planning is already underway for Homecoming 2009! Executive committees and alumni panels have been meeting for quite a while now in order to coordinate all of the details. Just recently have students become involved with the preparations.

Last November five Homecoming Interns began working diligently in five specific areas. These areas have now formed into committees that are listed below. Each Intern's area has a lot to accomplish before October, so numerous Homecoming Coordinators have been recruited to assist them. In total there are twenty-four Coordinators that are responsible for various tasks such as Greek Life Student Relations, Stage Events, Service Projects and even this blog! Many of the Coordinators are pictured above, and a complete list of all the Coordinators follows. One thing is for sure, as Homecoming draws nearer, these students will gradually be getting busier preparing to put on The Ultimate Homecoming!

Homecoming Coordinators by Committee:

Public Engagement & Community Service Coordinators:
Gina Robinson-Haase, Raya Zimmerman and Sabrina Bolin

Marketing & Publicity Coordinators:
Alex Dyba and Lindsay Prowizor

Parade Coordinators:
Amanda Legler and Amber Johnson

Alumni, Academic and Student Homecoming Activites & Royalty/Coronation Coordinators:
Britney Thew, Melissa Hardy, Meghan Wynne, Alyssa Bennett, Alec Bronston, Chelsea Sowers, Alissa Moberg, Benjamin Tully, Sam Moberg, Alyssa Lundquist, Ellen Rindahl, Katie Leinenkugel, Stephanie Hornsby, Betty Vo, Somer Davidson, Leah Reilly and Anna Sturdevant

Go Gophers!

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