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June 28, 2009

Ready, Set....Hunt!

Another new addition to the Homecoming events schedule this year is a University wide scavenger hunt. This event is no normal scavenger hunt, however! It is much more than just a search for random objects. It is an exciting and unique activity that combines trivia, a treasure hunt and fun challenges around campus! The event will let teams of University of Minnesota students, staff and alumni explore the campus and help celebrate an additional day of Homecoming this year, as the scavenger hunt will take place on Sunday, October 4th.

The inspiration for the scavenger hunt came from the University of Wisconsin- Madison's "Homecoming Quest" along with various other fun events like game shows, childhood activities and local urban adventure races. With so much variety, all participants should experience different aspects of the University and have fun getting The Ultimate Homecoming off to an exciting start.

Go Gophers!

June 21, 2009

2009 Homecoming Exhibition: Through the Years

(1963 Homecoming Parade)

A new addition to this year's Homecoming celebration is an art exhibit at both the St. Paul Student Center Larson Gallery and the Coffman Memorial Union Gallery. Pictures, artifacts and other Homecoming memorabilia will be on display to remember past Homecoming traditions and memories.

One piece to possibly be on display that embodies the nostalgic feel of the exhibit is the 1981 Homecoming King's crown. This is particularly interesting because this would be from the last Homecoming celebrated on campus in Memorial Stadium!

The hope is that you - alumni, current students, and community members - will contribute to the event by donating images and other Homecoming objects, like buttons or cheer uniforms. With your help the exhibit and opening reception on October 2nd will be a great celebration of the University of Minnesota and Gopher pride!

Go Gophers!

June 15, 2009

The Ultimate Volunteer Experience

The University community provides so much help and support throughout the year that it only seems fair to take one day to give back and say thank you by volunteering. What better way to help out the local businesses and community organizations than to let them design volunteer projects? That is exactly the reasoning behind The Ultimate Volunteer Experience. Starting this year it will be an annual event at the end of Homecoming week where University students can join together to perform various service projects.

You may be wondering how this idea came about... and although it would be nice to take all the credit, the idea came from Texas A&M's "Big Event." The Big Event takes place on numerous college campuses around the country each year and is a huge success. Hopefully, over the next few years our Ultimate Volunteer Experience will grow into the U's own "Big Event" with thousands of participants volunteering their time each year.

Go Gophers!