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The Ultimate Volunteer Experience

The University community provides so much help and support throughout the year that it only seems fair to take one day to give back and say thank you by volunteering. What better way to help out the local businesses and community organizations than to let them design volunteer projects? That is exactly the reasoning behind The Ultimate Volunteer Experience. Starting this year it will be an annual event at the end of Homecoming week where University students can join together to perform various service projects.

You may be wondering how this idea came about... and although it would be nice to take all the credit, the idea came from Texas A&M's "Big Event." The Big Event takes place on numerous college campuses around the country each year and is a huge success. Hopefully, over the next few years our Ultimate Volunteer Experience will grow into the U's own "Big Event" with thousands of participants volunteering their time each year.

Go Gophers!

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