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Golden Giveaways!

SANY3009.JPGLook out for the golden swarm of Homecoming Volunteer Ambassadors! If you see them, you will want to hurry over as quickly as possible to get your hands on some cool Homecoming giveaways! The Homecoming Volunteer Ambassadors are a group of students who are knowledgeable about Homecoming, assist with Homecoming events and help distribute promotions on campus. They can be easily spotted by their gold Homecoming t-shirts.

This week, on Monday and Tuesday, Homecoming Volunteer Ambassadors passed out water bottles stuffed with candy and Homecoming items around the mall area in front of Coffman. The highly energetic group will be out again next week with more things to give away. Keep your eyes peeled as the freebies won't last long!

Go Gophers!

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