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'G' is for Giving, 'R' is for Reliable, 'H' is for Honest

Hello again Gopher Nation!-
Travel seems to be a common theme among college students today. Each one of our interns thus far has been to some far-off destination and Gina Robinson-Haase, our next lovely individual, has her own place to add to the list: Spain. Gina Spain.jpg Gina enjoys many things: traveling is one, genetics and cell biology is another, but her real passion is giving back to the community. Gina demonstrates this love through her leadership roles on campus as both the 2010 Public Engagement and Community Service lady and as an executive for Colleges Against Cancer here at the U, the group that facilitates our Relay For Life (April 16th). Her favorite part of the University is the beautiful campus; she loves the diverse people, the high energy and the Minnesota atmosphere (well, minus the snow that is). Gina Relay.jpg

Gina's role in Homecoming 2010 involves organizing a blood drive, the traveling food collection rendezvous known as Stuff the Truck, and The Ultimate Volunteer Experience. Expect great things to come from this part of Homecoming as Gina's committee will be working diligently to partner and collaborate with various groups around the University to make the art of giving a fun and successful experience. It's going to be AWESOME!!

As always if you have any comments or suggestions for Gina or any of the members of Homecoming 2010, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail!

Until next time-

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