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March 29, 2010

A New Dawn, A New Day, And The NEW 2010 HOMECOMING COMMITTEE!

While there may be more than six months until that glorious homecoming week that every student is looking forward to, the new committee is already hard at work planning the best homecoming this school has seen yet! With so much work ahead of us, weekly meetings have been happening since February in order to coordinate all the details for next fall. So get ready because there is a lot already in progress for 2010 to get excited about! Committee Members Smile.JPG
Last November the incredible five Homecoming Interns began working diligently in five specific areas: Marketing and Publicity, Homecoming Activities and Competitions, Parade, Public Engagement & Community Service, and Royalty/Coronation. With their ideas and directions they formed and coordinated these areas into committees. Committee members goofy.jpg Applications to join this prestigious and super fun committee were submitted in January, after huge turnout of many great University students, the group and personal interviews for positions were underway. The potential Committee Members worked up a sweat by practicing their hula hooping skills and being questioned about their involvement in previous school activities and their goals/ ideas for the upcoming Homecoming 2010. But it all paid off! After much deliberation, the new committee members were chosen and immediately put to work!

As the Homecoming Committee there is a lot to accomplish before October, but luckily we have an exceptional team and are already working wonders together! So it is our pleasure to introduce you to the new Homecoming Committee that will be making your 2010 Homecoming Week unforgettable!

The 2010 Homecoming Committee Members:
Mason Boutros
Rachel Osiecki
Kelly Kleine
Molly Russell
Brittany Geissler
Matt Miller
Erin Boylan
Lizzy Shay
Angela Ugorets
Emily Lammers
Abby Tschanz
Ellen Rindahl
Rachel Alioto
Hilary Baril
Baogang Zheng
Brenna Loufek

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March 21, 2010

'S' is for Sagacious, 'B' is for Bright

Things are starting to roll here at Homecoming Headquarters, lots of fun decisions are being made and ideas are getting tossed around. Before we can send you any of the sweet details, however, we have one more intern to tell you about, Sabrina Bolin, the Marketing and Publicity gal. IMG_4116.JPG It is her job to ensure that the student body knows what's up when it comes to the events for the week. Sabrina's passion for people fits well into this role; at a diverse University there are countless audiences that need to be reached and having a person who loves the uniqueness of individuals is important. Outside of her marketing role, Sabrina loves adventure. Her best adventure to date was tornado chasing with the National Weather Service in Oklahoma. Lou Group Chasing.JPG Homecoming 2010 promises to bring new excitement and new adventures for each person involved, so stay tuned and maybe we, Homecoming and YOU, can top everyone's list of greatest escapades. As always, if you have the idea of the century, send it to us and we'll do our best to make it happen!

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March 1, 2010

'J' is for Jovial, 'C' is for Compassionate

The Homecoming Parade is by far one of the biggest events of the week. For most people, the parade awesomeness only lasts a couple hours, but for the parade intern, the planning and preparation lasts all year. Justin 3.jpgJustin Carlson, a Senior Marketing and Political Science Major, has been Homecoming's parade point for both 2009 and 2010. He has made significant changes to this event and has worked diligently to increase its attendance and awareness. With the inclusion of a high school band, brand new parade competitions and an expanded parade line-up as some recent updates to the night parade last year, look for this year's Homecoming Parade to be even more spectacular. Justin truly enjoys the pride and spirit of Gopher Nation, but he also values any opportunity to travel, whether it's a summer study abroad in Spain, a trip around Europe, or a Caribbean cruise. Not only does Justin love traveling around the world, he is also big into sports of any kind, but particularly soccer, hockey, and tennis. Justin 1.jpgWhile you can usually catch him showing support for Gopher athletics, working with various student organizations on campus or planning his next foreign adventure, it will be on the October 1st, 2010, that he will deliver a parade that will top the success of the 2009 Ultimate Homecoming Parade.

Until next time!-