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'S' is for Sagacious, 'B' is for Bright

Things are starting to roll here at Homecoming Headquarters, lots of fun decisions are being made and ideas are getting tossed around. Before we can send you any of the sweet details, however, we have one more intern to tell you about, Sabrina Bolin, the Marketing and Publicity gal. IMG_4116.JPG It is her job to ensure that the student body knows what's up when it comes to the events for the week. Sabrina's passion for people fits well into this role; at a diverse University there are countless audiences that need to be reached and having a person who loves the uniqueness of individuals is important. Outside of her marketing role, Sabrina loves adventure. Her best adventure to date was tornado chasing with the National Weather Service in Oklahoma. Lou Group Chasing.JPG Homecoming 2010 promises to bring new excitement and new adventures for each person involved, so stay tuned and maybe we, Homecoming and YOU, can top everyone's list of greatest escapades. As always, if you have the idea of the century, send it to us and we'll do our best to make it happen!

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