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Not a Cloud to Rain on This Parade!

Goldy Firetruck.jpgWhen people hear the word "Homecoming" they think of extravagant floats, soaring candy, cheering fans, marching bands and a procession of people marching down the streets! Well with spring flying by and school almost out for the summer, the 2010 Homecoming is approaching fast so registration is now open for you and your friends to sign up to be a part of the 2010 Homecoming Parade! Not only have we extended the route, but this year we are incorporating a lot of new outlets for people to get involved on that exhilarating Friday night. Band in the Parade.jpg
First, we are accepting applications to showcase a Minnesota High School Marching Band. They will be tooting their horns and banging their snare drums while they hoist their colors in order to represent the state of Minnesota and their support of our state school! So if you have a brother or sister, or are alumni from a high school Minnesota band, pass on the word and get your high school on the University of Minnesota ground's for parade day. 2007 Royalty.jpg
Another item we are promoting is the coloring contest. The winners will have the exciting opportunity to be featured as special guests in the parade by going along for the ride! So sharpen those colored pencils and keep your eyes peeled for more info on the contest!
Finally this year there will be a general parade competition that selects a float and performance entry as the most spirited and entertaining entries of the year! Take off to TCF.jpg We want to see organizations get creative and "go for the gold!" So bring your 'A' game gophers, if you want to win this title! Whether you are in a club, part of a sports team, the chess team, a member of the Greek community or just a couple of friends with a killer float idea, you are all encouraged to sign up today!
Registration for the parade is now open online at www.homecoming.umn.edu. There are limited spots in the line-up so don't miss it by waiting too long. Get your group together and start planning!

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