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August 25, 2010

Countdown to the GOLD

School is officially less than two weeks away Gold Town! The start of the 2010 school year is going to be incredibly exciting; with the second season of Gopher Football on campus kicking-off and Homecoming approaching faster than you can say the Concert Artists' name, the committee is begging you not to BLINK!

Now I'm sure I have your attention with the mention of a concert, yes CONCERT!! Unfortunately for you, you have to stay tuned to find out who the artist is, but rest assured the Homecoming staff has taken very good care of you with their choice! Since you have to wait on the concert news, come to the State Fair on Sunday, August 29th, stop by the U of M booth for fun with the Royalty candidates as well as some pretty neat promotional items. Also, look for Homecoming around campus during your first few weeks of class, the committee will be out informing the campus about how to get involved. You can also visit the student information session meetings at 7p in the Presidents Room on either September 13 or 15.

So, check the website for more information and keep your eyes peeled because it is time to get back to campus to celebrate our amazing community by Painting the Town GOLD!

Until next time-