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April 25, 2011

A Golden Homecoming

Here at Homecoming Headquarters we would like you to try a little free word association. When we say "gold," what comes to mind? Maybe maroon and gold? Golden oldies? The golden rule? A golden opportunity? There are many things that you may think of when you hear the word "gold." However here at Homecoming Headquarters, our initial reaction to the word brings to mind one specific phrase...

We're excited to announce the theme for Homecoming 2011: All That Glitters is Gold!

So, be sure to grab all those gold clothes and gear up for fall because Homecoming wants to see you sharing your school pride and spirit! As always, keep checking back here for more information and the latest updates!

April 14, 2011

The Reigning Royals

In case you've missed the many posters Homecoming Headquarters has been putting up all over campus, we're in the midst of recruiting for Homecoming Royalty and want YOU to apply! Applications are due by Monday, April 18th so hurry and send us your application or feel free to nominate someone by sending their name and e-mail address to homecoming@umn.edu.

Homecoming 2010 brought us our fantastic King and Queen: Jermaine Elliott and Ashley Kelnhofer. During their time as ambassadors of the University, Jermaine and Ashley represent the U at various events such as the Minnesota State Fair, Welcome Week, and many other events. Both Jermaine and Ashley are enthusiastic, involved leaders on campus and have been excellent stewards of the pride and spirit that can be found at the U of M.

In addition to representing the University, Jermaine and Ashley have also had the opportunity to take part in the legislative process at the U, be on the field during the Homecoming Game, and receive a $500 scholarship. king-and-queen.jpg

If Jermaine and Ashley's role interests you, take the time to apply for Homecoming Royalty 2011! Court candidates must be currently enrolled students at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campus and must be enrolled for the entire academic year from Fall semester 2011 through Spring 2012. You must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and at least 60 credits to be considered. Be sure to check out the homepage on the Homecoming website for more details or send us an email and we'll be happy to answer any questions!