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Royalty 2011: Meet Laura Fitzpatrick and Mason Boutros

Laura FitzpatrickLaura_Fitzpatrick.jpg
Hometown: Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Major: Public Relations and Advertising
Minor: Spanish
College: Journalism School

Hello Gophers! My name is Laura Fitzpatrick, but I'm more likely to answer to Fitz or Fitzy. I am a born and raised Minnesota girl from Eden Prairie and a junior studying Public Relations/Advertising in the Journalism School with a minor in Spanish from the College of Liberal Arts. When I'm not giving campus tours as an Admissions Ambassador or working at The Minnesota Daily, I enjoy eating Captain Crunch Berries, listening to my iPod which contains mostly Disney soundtracks or rap songs, and smiling awkwardly at strangers until they smile back. I did the "stanky leg" in my high school commencement address, can list all of the elements on the Periodic Table...in song, and I know the dance moves to *NSYNC's "Bye Bye Bye." Once I had a teacher tell my parents that if I was put in a room alone with nothing but a paper clip I would be able to entertain myself for hours. My world ended when Cory Matthews from Boy Meets World married Topanga as he was my first celebrity crush. I believe Oreos have to be double-stuffed and that all that glitters is maroon AND gold.

Mason BoutrosMason_Boutros.jpg
Hometown: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Major: Nursing
College: School of Nursing

Mason Boutros is a Senior Nursing student originally from Sioux Falls, SD, but was actually born in Madrid! He is involved with a wide array of organizations on campus and currently serves as Director of Fundraising for Colleges Against Cancer and Relay For Life. Mason also volunteers for the American Cancer Society as a National Scout. In addition to being known for his active involvement on campus, Mason is also known around campus for his dance moves!
Mason feels privileged to be a part of the 2011 Homecoming Court because he believes that with anything and everything U of M, "All That Glitters Is Gold!"

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