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Back to the Basics: A Homecoming History

Homecoming is a longstanding tradition at the University of Minnesota, and one that we look forward to each year with anticipation. Over the years the homecoming tradition has transformed, facing new themes and elements of celebration over time. This ritual began nearly a century ago at the university. Let's see how homecoming got its start!

During 1910-1930 the U of M began celebrating homecoming. The theme ranges included everything from 'Back to Campus' to 'Roman' to 'Crusader Homecoming' and even a 'Viking' theme. The homecoming parade was an important aspect of the Gopher homecoming tradition that proudly continues on today.

1923-Alpha-Phi-parade-float.jpgWith the presence of WW1 during the 1918-1920 school years, homecoming events were put on hold. After the war years came to a close the Gopher homecoming tradition was picked up again, with even greater celebration in store.

The first football game to be played at the once-existing Memorial Stadium was the homecoming game of 1924. Memorial Stadium was located in the spot where McNamara Alumni Center now stands - quite a change from the new TCF Stadium! Halftime shows during this era included gymnastics, tumbling acts, and a melodrama all in one show.

That's enough history for now, Minnesota! Check back next week for updates!

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