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May 9, 2012

Royalty 2012: Meet Martha Ulmen and Kirby Schmidt

Martha Ulmen

Martha Umen.jpgMartha will be in her junior year this fall at the U of M. She is a Human Resource Development major with a minor in Management and Sustainability Studies. Martha is from Edina, MN.

A fun fact about Martha is that she absolutely loves camping and biking. She had never tried chocolate milk until her first year at the U. Her favorite food is the Jimmy John's number 12 sub, and other favorite things of Martha include penguins, flowers, and swimming.

Kirby Schmidt

kirby.jpgKirby (aka Kirb-Stomp) is a junior at the University of Minnesota majoring in Agricultural Education. He has a passion for education, agriculture and service that began on the small farm he grew up on just west of Marshall, Minnesota.

Kirby is known for bustin' a rhyme, and dropping a beat while in traffic, on road trips, or in the shower. Tommy Boy and Dumb & Dumber are his two favorite comedies, and his most frequent nightmare includes getting eaten by dinosaurs. (He may have watched Jurassic Park a little too much as a kid!) Kirby has traveled the country judging cattle, sheep, pigs and goats for the University of Minnesota Livestock Judging Team. By the time he is 30, Kirby hopes to have stepped foot on each continent. So far he's been to South America, North America, Australia and Europe!

Congratulations Martha and Kirby!

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