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June 14, 2012

Making this Homecoming Legendary

Homecoming is the perfect time for the community to get together in celebration of this legendary university, and with all of the events coming together under the Program Board Coordinators there are plenty of ways to get involved.

For all you Gophers out their thinking, "so where do I begin?" let me be of assistance. Competitions are a great way to get involved during Homecoming, and have a little fun in the process! After all, it wouldn't be a legendary Homecoming without some friendly competition, right? Signing up for competitions is simple, just get together a team of students, $10 per person, and click here to register. You can choose to participate in Cheer, Lip Sync, Flag Football, or take a shot at them all!

So get a team together and start scoping out the competition. Whether you play for fun or you're in it for the glory, remember that we're all a part of this Legendary U!