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Icons with hidden meanings

Final: Journal 8

Dear Journal,

So we come to our final day. I have come up with icons and sucessful pieces thus far but today I seem to be a little stuck. For my final music catagory I decided to make an icon based off psychodelic music. I started listening to good old Pink Floyd with famous songs like "Another Brick in the Wall" and "Comfortably Numb" and had a rough time coming up with ideas.

After listening to some more styles of music that fit the category, I decided to try to represent to mood or feeling of the image, rather than what I was feeling for a change. After pondering for what felt like hours my computer went to its screen saver and I instantly got and idea, I decided making an icon that looks like the visual equalizer. Who would have guessed that the answer was stairing me in the face this whole time.

Final: Journal 7

Dear Journal,

Its a gorgeous day outside! Today I was feeling very energeticand rather upbeat again so I decided to play some dance music. I flipped through my tracks and found some of my old ddr songs "Moonlight Shadow" or "Butterfly", and tried to think of different icons to represent that. At first I thought about making feet but that looked more like a soccer icon. Then I tried making lights but that looked more like theater.Finally, I started to think about a DJ since thats what are at most dances and tried to come up with a symbol based of that.

Within moments, I instantly thought of volume and decided I would try representing the volume controls to pump up that jam. Its a simple Idea, but I think its quite effective for dance.

Final: Journal 6

Dear Journal,

The day is cloudy again, but I'm feeling energetic. I decided to start the day with something tasty like hot dogs and soup and jump straight onto the assignment. I started by listening to soft and soothing music then moved on to Blues or Jazz with bands like "Eric Clapton" or "Santana." (I couldn't remember which one by the end of the day-I'm guessing Jazz since there was alot of soft guiltar.

After listening to just the first song I knew right away that my next icon would be a guitar, but to make it looks bluesy calls for an acoustic looking icon. It was really hard to get the shape of the guitar by usuing just letters so I ended up using the parentheses and numbers while still keeping the same font and overall, I think it turned out great

Final: Journal 5

Dear Journal,

Today was nothing special, I ended up staying in doors because of the weather and used the most of the time to do laundry and pick up around the apartment. After everything was clean to my content, I sat down and started thumbing through my song lists and decided to listen to a band called "E Nomine" which was a foreign techno band. Since I couldn't understand the language I tried thinking of different ways to show voice, then I finally decided that a microphone would work well for that, since after all-its the lead singer that I can't understand.

At first making just the microphone didn't seem to be enough. Just looking at it on it's own made it seem like It was a symbol for singing in general. After a few minutes I decided that just adding question marks made the idea so much clearer

Final Journal 4

Dear Journal,

It's finally friday!!! My favorite day of the week. I figured it was the perfect day to whip out my favorite type of music and so out came the heavy metal! I started off listening to great bands like Metallica and Disturbed and then moved on to heavier things like Slipknot, Korn and many other headbanging goodness!

I knew right off the bat that my icon for today would have something to do with the metal instruments but which one? An electric guitar was the symbol that struck me at first but then I realized that all the headbanging was coming from the beats of the drum and it's dual bass. A perfect idea for my next icon.

I started off by trying to make symbols, and then the rapid lines, but that looked too choppy so I tried to keep it simple and used the letters as is and was very happy wih the result

Final: Journal 3

Dear Journal,

I started the day off like any other. Bowl of cereal in the morning , a quiet nap till it came close to the afternoon-the usual. The day was quite bright and sunny which was pretty strange seeing as how the day before was cloudy and cold. I didn't have a whole lot on my mind because it seemed like a lazy day. I ended up using entire day to get caught up with everything. So the music I listened to was very soft and calming.

While I was working on my projects, I was listening to a some study music called "1, 2, 3 Piano" Which I thought would work great for my next icon. I figured that since keyboards are the standard things about pianos, that making the keys would be enough convey the idea.

Final: Journal 2

Dear Journal,

Today started off pretty well. I was pretty excited to try out my ascii art design idea, unfortunately after hours of testiong out different subjects of all kinds, I was hard to justify the product as an icon so I decided to try a different approach, music.

For my daily discipline I decided I will listen to either new or different music each day and make icons based off my observations about it. For the first journal, I remembered that day during class someone played a band out loud called "Vitamin String Courtet." This was an entirely new band that I'd never head of featuring violins or chellos playing covers to songs I really liked. I decided this would be a good place to start. As for todays Journal design, I recalled just listening to the radio with a friend, so maybe that will make a good design as well. The radio was playing some really upbeat songs so I will try to make my images reflect that.

Final: Journal 1

The morning seemed pretty warm and the day outside was unusually nice. It was noisy around my apartment and everyone seemed to be busy rushing around taking care of one thing or another. It was nearly 8:00 in the morning but already I could hear my roommates awake talking about homework, or calling their families or the clanking of plates against the sink. I wanted to drown out all the noise and go back to bed but that seemed nearly impossible. Instead I turned on the radio and cranked up the volume to whatever was playing. Little did I realize that music would have a big impact on what I was planning to do for this project. As for my typeface, I decided that Myriad Pro seemed right, because it is both a playful yet elegant looking typeface that has nice curves and bends to make interesting looking logos. I feel this type is somewhat reflective of myself because, like me it is flexible in most situations.