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Project 2 Process

As you may know, my project is based off the underground punk girls "Riot Grrrl" group. I decided to add in elements of Pop Art, to go with the whole rebellious act. After much debate, I chose to do Roy lichtenstein because his signature "dottyness" would look great on speakers and make it easy to distinguish who Im trying to portray. My final result be hopefully be a mini animation that would appear on an Amazon website. Here is a sample preview of one of the slides.


I feel it is very successful in its attempt to look punk and Lichtensteinish.

Mood Board

My idea is the use the music Riot Grrrl book, and try to portray that with a popart look by incorporating designs by Roy Lichenstein. I feel the rebellious feel of pop art and the punk rock attitude will work out well




Contemporary Design

For my example of contemporary design, I have chosen to compare and contrast the similarities of Milton Glasers designs compared to the modern iPod art that most people are familiar with. I believe that that the iPod logo, may have been influenced by Glaser because both images have a black silouette of a person that shows only the outline of the figure against a solid color background. In addition each uses a limited color of pink, orange, green, blue and white, which are the primary colors of the different ipods offered.



Magazine Article

For my magazine article, I chose a car image for the newly introduced chevy "Ghostrider" in the Motor Trend magazine. I feel the typography for the image is very appropriate because they chose "ghostly" grey color they made transparent which contrasts nicely with the car's shine. In addition, the car itself looks very sleek and elegant so choosing to use helvetica as a subtext for the card "Putting the Spirit Into the Spirit of Ecstasy" logo was very fitting. Overall the layout is very nice, neither the logo or the car are competing for space and all the text can be read very easily.

Magazine Article

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