Final: Journal 1

The morning seemed pretty warm and the day outside was unusually nice. It was noisy around my apartment and everyone seemed to be busy rushing around taking care of one thing or another. It was nearly 8:00 in the morning but already I could hear my roommates awake talking about homework, or calling their families or the clanking of plates against the sink. I wanted to drown out all the noise and go back to bed but that seemed nearly impossible. Instead I turned on the radio and cranked up the volume to whatever was playing. Little did I realize that music would have a big impact on what I was planning to do for this project. As for my typeface, I decided that Myriad Pro seemed right, because it is both a playful yet elegant looking typeface that has nice curves and bends to make interesting looking logos. I feel this type is somewhat reflective of myself because, like me it is flexible in most situations.

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