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Marijuana Push in Colorado Likens it to Alcohol

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This article discusses a ballot proposal that would legalize possession small amounts of marijuana in Colorado. The ballot is to be voted on this upcoming election season in November. The author spends the majority of the article interviewing proponents of the movement, where each person engages in a logos directed argument by making sound logical points about how marijuana would be better regulated and thus less likely to be controlled by dangerous drug gangs and cartels. People also pointed to prohibition to make a statement about how making a drug illegal doesn't necessarily curtail the prominence of usage of that drug. Opponents are making the claim that the medicinal marijuana system, already enacted in nearly 20 states, is being widely abused by both patients and physicians with lower to middle aged men making up a disproportionate amount of users. The article also used the concept of ethos when quoting Ron Paul, who may not be a medical expert but undoubtedly has the power to sway many minds in his position as a presidential candidate, who is a supporter of legalization.

Croatia says 'yes' to EU membership

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In somewhat of a controversial election, the citizens of Croatia have voted to be the newest member of the European Union. It was one of the lowest voter turnouts in the history of elections that determined membership in the EU, and was dramatically lower than voter participation nearly two decades when the people of Croatia voted to succeed from Yugoslavia and become an independent nation state. Those in favor of the motion mentioned how they believed the long suffering economy of Croatia, where unemployment hovers around 20% and foreign debt is at an all time high, will be improved thanks to membership. The very vocal citizens against the vote see it as a problem because of the EU's recent trouble and have taken to protesting to the street, where they have been met with police.

China and India Building Stronger Relations

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This article details how, after quite some time of shaky diplomatic relations, leaders of India and China are starting to see more eye to eye in regards to many new policies. There has long been tensions between two of the world's largest countries and neighbors, but from the way the article makes it seem, China is starting to cater towards some demands that India has laid out. This is important because India has long seen China as an adversary in their plans for economic development but this news means that the two countries will be working together to make each of their countries as successful as possible. This is especially important for China because two of their largest supporters, Pakistan and North Korea, are going through challenging times while other Asian countries such as Japan, Vietnam, and Australia have explicitly stated that they disagree with many recent policies that the Chinese government has been implementing.

1/20/ News Summary

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"Moroccans burn selves in unemployment protest"

This article is about a collection of protesters in the North African country, Morocco, that set themselves on fire in protest of governmental policies that have made finding a job for recent college graduates very challenging, with an unemployment rate around 32% for college graduates under the age of 34. The 5 protesters originally occupied an administrative building in the nation's capital in relative peace, receiving food from other citizens who supported their cause. However, police set up a barrier around the protestors and the rest of the public and established a rule that said the other people could not provide protestors with food. This led to people throwing bread over the barriers and chaos to ensue. Eventually, in retaliation and to protect themselves from authorities, the protestors lit themselves on fire. 3 had to be taken to the burn unit at a local hospital and were said to be in critical condition. This form of self mutilation has become a fairly prevalent form of protest recently in Morocco, with the author of the article listing several other instances in which citizens have protested in this manner.

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