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"Moroccans burn selves in unemployment protest"

This article is about a collection of protesters in the North African country, Morocco, that set themselves on fire in protest of governmental policies that have made finding a job for recent college graduates very challenging, with an unemployment rate around 32% for college graduates under the age of 34. The 5 protesters originally occupied an administrative building in the nation's capital in relative peace, receiving food from other citizens who supported their cause. However, police set up a barrier around the protestors and the rest of the public and established a rule that said the other people could not provide protestors with food. This led to people throwing bread over the barriers and chaos to ensue. Eventually, in retaliation and to protect themselves from authorities, the protestors lit themselves on fire. 3 had to be taken to the burn unit at a local hospital and were said to be in critical condition. This form of self mutilation has become a fairly prevalent form of protest recently in Morocco, with the author of the article listing several other instances in which citizens have protested in this manner.

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