December 9, 2005

evaluation of Roopa

Hi everyone...I was just wondering if any of you could email me the evaluation email we were sent. I definately deleted it because I thought it was trash. I would appreciate it if you could,


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December 7, 2005

Critique People

Does everbody know what the critique means, I'm just kinda confused, should we write something on the person which we were suppose to critique, or should we ust turn in what we have?

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December 5, 2005

My Introduction

Jiake Chen
Final Paper Introduction

Apple, best know for its iPod has been a company which supporters and critics alike praise for its design and ingenuity. Apple has only gained popularity with its introduction of the iPod. (Apple has only recently gained popularity, with the introduction of its iPod) While supporters
argue Apple dominance in the MP3 player industry, critics are quick to point
out the growing competition which Apple is facing amidst growing foreign
companies. The purpose of this article is to examine whether or not Apple will
prevail amidst the competition, or if it will fail to hold its ground against.
Through stock prices, market analysis, scholarly articles and newspapers, this
article will provide an unbiased view for both stock holders and consumers as
to whether or not investing or purchasing an Apple product is really worth it.
Nevertheless, even in failure Apple has shown to be able to “think differently�
and succeed no matter the situation. The following sections will concentrate on
Apple’s history, stock values, product line, competition (mention names), followers, what the future holds for Apple and most importantly Steve Jobs; the man behind the Apple.

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Well, I got a good part of my paper written this weekend and I'm pretty happy with how its going so far. How is everyone else's coming along? Good luck with finals next week everyone

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December 2, 2005

Help On Webpage

Hi everbody, I was wondering if anybody can help me set up my webpage, I have gone to the website, but ave had no luck. Are most people going to do te webpage or I'm I the only one, since te webpage looks to be harder than just sitting down and typing a paper. If anybody can help me, that would be great.

Thanks, Jiake

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November 28, 2005

Final Papers

Can you guys believe we have just a few weeks left? AND we have to write our final paper in that time?!? I dont know about you guys, but the lit review was pretty hard for me...I can only imagine how much time will go into the final paper. Well, good luck with that everyone!!!


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November 27, 2005

final paper

I know that each of the papers that we have done is supposed to help with our final paper, it just seems like a long process. I found this lit. review to be the hardest one that i have done so far, as i'm sure many of you would agree, but in the long run it will help to have better arguments for our topic, as well as counterarguements. Good luck, and see you tomorrow morning bright and early!


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November 21, 2005


Hey everybody,
I was just wondering if we're supposed to include the annotated bibliography with the Lit. Review or just a regular bibliography. I think it would be helpful if you just kept working on the annotated bibliography if it has to be included in the final paper. If it doesn't then that would be a lot easier but oh well. Alrighty then, have a good day everyone!

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Lit Review

Wow. I just realized that I need to do quite a lot more research for this lit review...but all of my articles are at a different library!!! Also, has anyone noticed that its very easy to turn this paper into your final paper? Does anyone have any ideas on how to avoid that?? Thanks guys.


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Lit Review

I know that everyone seems to be having problems with this assignment, but the hardest part about this paper is that I keep putting my opinion in the paper on accident. Does anyone have any advice for me?


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