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December 5, 2005

My Introduction

Jiake Chen
Final Paper Introduction

Apple, best know for its iPod has been a company which supporters and critics alike praise for its design and ingenuity. Apple has only gained popularity with its introduction of the iPod. (Apple has only recently gained popularity, with the introduction of its iPod) While supporters
argue Apple dominance in the MP3 player industry, critics are quick to point
out the growing competition which Apple is facing amidst growing foreign
companies. The purpose of this article is to examine whether or not Apple will
prevail amidst the competition, or if it will fail to hold its ground against.
Through stock prices, market analysis, scholarly articles and newspapers, this
article will provide an unbiased view for both stock holders and consumers as
to whether or not investing or purchasing an Apple product is really worth it.
Nevertheless, even in failure Apple has shown to be able to “think differently�
and succeed no matter the situation. The following sections will concentrate on
Apple’s history, stock values, product line, competition (mention names), followers, what the future holds for Apple and most importantly Steve Jobs; the man behind the Apple.

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