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November 28, 2005

Final Papers

Can you guys believe we have just a few weeks left? AND we have to write our final paper in that time?!? I dont know about you guys, but the lit review was pretty hard for me...I can only imagine how much time will go into the final paper. Well, good luck with that everyone!!!


Posted by dedri004 at 8:28 AM

November 27, 2005

final paper

I know that each of the papers that we have done is supposed to help with our final paper, it just seems like a long process. I found this lit. review to be the hardest one that i have done so far, as i'm sure many of you would agree, but in the long run it will help to have better arguments for our topic, as well as counterarguements. Good luck, and see you tomorrow morning bright and early!


Posted by watso249 at 11:08 PM

November 21, 2005


Hey everybody,
I was just wondering if we're supposed to include the annotated bibliography with the Lit. Review or just a regular bibliography. I think it would be helpful if you just kept working on the annotated bibliography if it has to be included in the final paper. If it doesn't then that would be a lot easier but oh well. Alrighty then, have a good day everyone!

Posted by greed002 at 9:09 AM

Lit Review

Wow. I just realized that I need to do quite a lot more research for this lit review...but all of my articles are at a different library!!! Also, has anyone noticed that its very easy to turn this paper into your final paper? Does anyone have any ideas on how to avoid that?? Thanks guys.


Posted by dedri004 at 9:08 AM

Lit Review

I know that everyone seems to be having problems with this assignment, but the hardest part about this paper is that I keep putting my opinion in the paper on accident. Does anyone have any advice for me?


Posted by cros0186 at 8:33 AM

Literature Review

Ok, so this assignment is really confusing me. I am writing it like a short research paper almost, so I hope that I am on the right track. What is extrememly hard to do is not to include your own opinion on the subject that you are talking about, but instead just to write on the authors perspectives.
Meg Downie

Posted by downi051 at 8:26 AM

Lit Review

I 'm not sure if its just me, but is anyone else confused with this Lit review? I though I knew how to do it, got my intro done but I am struggling withe the body. Has anyone found a good web example yet? If you did, could you please let me know. I think if I read more examples of how it is supposed to be, it will be easier. Good luck to all of you with your papers.

Posted by frydr003 at 5:22 AM

November 19, 2005


Hey, has anyone found a good example of a literature review? I searched online using keywords like "literature review organic farming" but I just couldn't find anything useful. Most of the "literature reviews" I did find were just evaluations of a particular book or article, not a synthesis of current sources on a given topic. Also, nearly all of the "literature reviews" were biased. The author clearly presented his or her views and selected only the sources that would support those views. So if anybody got lucky and was able to find an authentic literature review, I'd be glad to know exactly where you found it! Thanks! ~Alyssa~

Posted by berna110 at 2:24 PM

November 17, 2005

The Literature Review

I was working on the literature review last night, and I noticed that there needs to be a lot of research involved in this literature review. I was wondering however if anybody has started working on the MAJOR paper which is due on the last day. Since, there will only be a couple of weeks left until the end of the semester and the paper will take so long to complete and therefore people will have to cram for the paper.
Anyways, thats all I have to say for now.


Posted by chen0887 at 10:43 AM

November 13, 2005

annotated bibliographies

Hey Everyone,

Here are a couple annotated bibliographies. If you see anything I could change, Please let me know. Good Luck to everyone on their bibliographies, and audience analysis.

2. Clinton, William J. “Executive Order 13134.” August 12th, 1999. The White House. October 6th, 2005. http://ceq.eh.doe.gov

The “Executive Order 13134,” by Clinton is a website article that discusses the development of Biobased Products and Bioenergy through improved technology. This article is intended for companies who convert raw materials into Biobased products through technology. This article is used to inform environmental activists of the importance for new, improved technology.

3. Hummel, Michelle; Orso, Mike. “Soybean Checkoff Promotes Federal Use of Biobased Products.” October 7, 2002. United Soybean Board. October 29, 2005. http://www.unitedsoybean.org

The United Soybean Board website provides the article, “Soybean Checkoff Promotes Federal Use of Biobased Products,” which informs its audience of the benefits provided through development and commercialization of Biobased Products. This article is intended for government agencies to convince them to purchase more soybeans to compose these products. The article helps persuade environmental activists to use Biobased Products through the increased production of these products.

4. “FEE Addresses Biobased Products Forum, Expresses High Hopes for Growing the Federal Use of Biobased Products.” October 8, 2002. OFEE. October 29, 2005. http://www.ofee.gov

The OFEE is a governmental website that provides information on the Federal use of products. This article which expresses high hopes for growing the federal use of Biobased Products is provided by the Federal Environmental Executive, John Howard. This forum is composed of very qualified individuals such as the EPA administrator. This website is constructed to inform environmental activists of the future Federal use of Biobased Products. The forum informs readers of the benefits of Biobased Products and helps convince them to use and promote Biobased Products.

Posted by frydr003 at 12:23 AM

November 11, 2005

audience analysis paper

Hi Everyone,
I am kinda confused about this audience analysis paper. If anyone knows if I did it right, or if I am missing something, Please let me know of anything you see. Also, is a page long enough? Thanks, Leann

The Importance of Biobased Products

This written paper will be addressed to individuals who have very little knowledge of the importance and benefits Biobased Products provide to the United States. Some of these individuals may know the definitions of Biobased Products, but do not know much more about the topic. The audience is interested in making a difference in the production of Biobased Products through focusing on the importance, and benefits of these products. The readers wish to learn the impact that the importance and benefits have on the United States environmentally and economically.
The audience will also become familiar with the expected future increase in Biobased Products. A tremendous increase in production is expected, but there needs to be more support from individuals that are aware of the importance and benefits that these products offer. The readers will be interested in this report on Biobased Products due to the fact that they will become knowledgeable to the topic, along with becoming aware of the different ways that they can help the environment, and economy through the use of Biobased Products. One of the big issues that the readers will become aware of is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through Biobased Products, which is important, and beneficial to the environment.

Posted by frydr003 at 11:23 PM

Hey, people, here are a couple of the entries from my annotated bibliography. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. ~Alyssa~

2. "Organic Farming Enters the Mainstream." Nature. 428 (2004): 783

While this article points out the importance of organic research, it also questions the value of studies that are essentially point-by-point comparisons of organic and conventional systems. According to the writer, it's impossible to determine which system has higher yields, lower nitrate leaching, etc. based on the results of a single study. This will be useful to keep in mind when selecting data to frame in my final paper.

9. Kapp, Clare. "International Food Committee Agrees on Organic Food Guidelines." Lancet. 354 (1999): 314

This brief article outlines the organic policy guidelines that were internationally approved in 1999. One of these guidelines is particularly useful: a precise and official definition of the term "organic agriculture." According to the article, organic agriculture is "a holistic production management system which promotes and enhances ago-ecosystem [sic] health, including biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity. This is accomplished by using, where possible, cultural, biological, and mechanical methods; as opposed to using synthetic materials to fulfil [sic] any specific function within the system.

One last thing... When we're using MLA, how are we supposed to cite an article with an unknown author? Did anybody else have that problem?

Posted by berna110 at 2:41 PM

November 10, 2005

Critique Part of Assignment #4

Hi everyone, I haven't been blogging much since of mid-terms, but here is a part of my assignment number 4. Any comments or input would be appreciated.

Serwer, Andy. "It's iPod's revolution: We just live in it." Fortune 27 June 2005. 4 Nov. 2005 .

This source tells us of the popularity of Apple’s iPod, and how it has affected the society which we live in today. The author Serwer has been a employee of Fortune magazine for more than a decade. Because of the magazine Fortune, the intended audience would be business people, mainly stock brokers. Because this article analyzes how the iPod has affected our nation, I can therefore further understand how Apple got to its standings today.



Posted by chen0887 at 7:34 PM


I will be in Lanesboro with FFA durring class on monday and in Kentucky with poultry knowledge bowl on wednesday and friday.

- Christian Lilienthal
Every star wars movie begins with a space ship in flight.

Posted by lili0004 at 12:39 PM

Christian Lilienthal

Are we going to have an informational class period similar to the one planned for last friday?

- Christian Lilienthal
There are 800 breeds and varrieties of pigeon

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November 7, 2005

sample annotation

Google Search: “Farm Subsidies at Record Levels as Congress Considers New farm Bill.” Edwards, Chris., DeHaven, Tad. 28 Oct 2001. Showing of what could and could not happen if things are done. A suggestion is made from an institute that studies the government. This institute is a regular in analyzing government issues and offering a reform to them. This site seems worth it as you can use the references they have used also. The intended audience is those interested and concerned with our government. This will give the reader a better idea about farm subsidies and the government’s efforts on increasing or reducing subsidies.

Posted by eric1571 at 9:55 AM

Using Visual

I think that it is an awesome idea to use visuals, because pictures can really help sway a person's point of view on a certain subject. If the picture is really good and full of emotion, it is easy to chage someone's point of view
Meg Downie

Posted by downi051 at 12:25 AM

Using Visual

I think that it is an awesome idea to use visuals, because pictures can really help sway a person's point of view on a certain subject. If the picture is really good and full of emotion, it is easy to chage someone's point of view
Meg Downie

Posted by downi051 at 12:25 AM

November 6, 2005

Annotated Biblio.

1. McHughen, Alan. Pandora’s Picnic Basket: the Potential and Hazards. New
York: Oxford University Press. 2000.

The award-winning book explains in clear and consumer-friendly diction the technology and risks associated with genetically modified food, comparing those to conventional means to breed and produce “natural” products. The author, Alan McHughen, a Chair of the International Biosafety Advisory Committee of the Genetics Society of Canada and having first-hand experience with the development of genetically modified plants along with the technologies and regulatory processes involved as a Senior Research Scientist at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, explores the risks of the technology for genetic modification, and offers well-informed accounts of concerns toward biotechnology. The book provides accurate information to the college educated public on the evaluations of safeguards positioned from regulators of GM foods around the world, including the United States. Through the book’s explanation of GM foods, the process and technology involved, risks and benefits of the biotech foods and the regulations enforced for consumer use, the consumers will gain a better insight on the new arrival on our food shelves and will help them make informed decisions on this new technology.

6. "Food and Environment." Union of Concerned Scientists: Citizens and Scientists
for Environmental Solutions. 10 Aug. 2005. 26 Oct. 2005 .

The website offers a whole array of detailed information on what genetic engineering is, techniques used in the process, GM foods allowed on the market, alternatives to genetic engineering, risks of genetic engineering, government oversight to genetically engineered crops and pharmaceuticals and industrial crops. In 1969, UCS (Union of Concerned Scientists) began their mission to strive for sound sciences that ensure change and the evolution a healthy and more productive society. The website is managed by professors and educators of at renowned universities and delves into areas from physical sciences to finance and public policies. The website is written for an audience whom is concerned with environmental issues and has an education that emphasizes on research science and public policies. The database offers information on genetic modification and emphasize that there is not a strong need for products of GM.

Heather B.

Posted by betzx028 at 11:46 PM

Chapter Nine

So far, this has definitely been the most interesting chapter to me, and also the one that i feel i can use the most in the future, even if it's not for class assignments, i will be able to use it if i have to advertise for something that i am doing for the relay for life, my church, or anything to that affect, i can look back and remember all of the different areas talked about throughout the chapter. Whether it be pictures that i choose to put up, or the size and type of font that i choose, it all affects how the reader will react to the advertisement, flier, or whatever it may be. I am also glad that i presented this chapter because i feel that i can understand it better when i have to really read it in-depth and understand what's going on in the chapter, rather than just reading it for the sake of getting it done for class.

Posted by watso249 at 6:56 PM

November 5, 2005

absence leaves me...clueless!

Hi, so i've got a problem. I was absent on monday and don't have the specifics about the annotated bibliography. I would REALLY appreciate some notes, or whatever you could give. THanks!

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Posted by fabis001 at 11:54 AM

November 2, 2005


HI, I have decided that in my mind a website will be easier even though i know it really wont be. So does anybody know how the heck I find my web space? I went to the site roopa said and it just gave me personal info about myself. Thanks i already know where i live. Any input would be great thanks!!!!!
happy homeworking tonight.
andrea :)

Posted by eric1571 at 5:13 PM

November 1, 2005

Annotated Bibliography

This annotated bibliography sounds hard! Has anyone every done one before, if so got any tips? Also, does anyone know when the rough draft is due?


Posted by cros0186 at 4:30 PM