May 6, 2004

i just want to drink beer and play atari

the excitement for friday's drunken boat trip down the st. croix mounts as we all recall (thanks to spring jam) how much we really do love day drinking. i'm betting on needing a nap around 6. until then, i shall waste away the day with work and my last homework assignment. class, schmass, really. i'll be starting my undergrad research project after we get back from myrtle beach--i fully plan on being an expert on minnesota's forest land market when i'm done. myrtle beach should be fun...i've already made a public promise of no freak outs! after the drama of spring jam, i don't really think i could handle it.
one last comment to the new supervisor: i can't wait until you coach me.

Posted by sull0313 at May 6, 2004 1:30 PM