June 1, 2004

just a goatload

I vote for an immediate return trip to Myrtle Beach! The waves and sun were just what I needed after finishing my exams, as was a week of relaxing with jon. (Although I have decided that playing mom for a family of nine is not as much fun as it sounds.) The return trip was...eventful...to say the least. Hopefully the total cost of fixing Paul's car won't break my bank for the rest of the summer.
The guys will be getting a new roommate this week...I think I am more excited to have jon living with them than they are, but probably share their enthusiasm as far as their vermin roommates go.
In conclusion, this should be one of my best summers yet--rocking at shows, rocking at the foundation, and, in the words of bill: "Do you know what I'm excited for this summer? Drinkin'." Not just drinking, but finally getting shit together.

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