February 16, 2011

Bored and Reading MPD Weekly Highlights

11,775. ROBPAG. Oak Park/ Penn Av.; 11,726. FLEE. Penn/Plymouth. Marco Harris decided that he wanted to go to prison so he committed three armed robberies within 15 minutes and got into a high-speed chase with pursuing officers. Harris was arrested and jailed. Sgts. Carlson and Carpenter, along with Officer Patty Nelson spent the day getting Harris charged with this crime spree.

• REC STOLEN VEHICLE...22nd & Irving, 1/16/11, 1249 hrs....Officers saw a car do a U-Turn & ran the plates. Officers found the car is a listed Mpls stolen. Driver was a Juvenile who was ID'd & photographed by Car 21 & given a nice ride home. Vehicle was towed.

Pretty sure my neighbors were shooting off a gun early this morning, woke me up twice, assholes.

Does this still work?


January 22, 2007

5 Months later I am back Fuckers!

I hate this shit. Fuck blogs they suck. I don't even care a shit about them. The only reason I am blogging right now is cause i am sorta faded and bored as hell!!!!!!! I drink a forty and smoke BOWL nd everyone leVES. I should have gone to that show cause now I am here all bored and shit. I sat down for a long time nd came up with nothing to do, thats pathetc. Fuck me, fuck everything. I wish I really had that attitude then I could really do whatever the fuck i wanted and just alienate or befriend everyone. Fuck alll this shit.!!!!!

August 3, 2006

First Blog Ever

This is the first blog or online journal type thing that I have ever done, so I am not quite sure how it will go. My bet is I will write this one entry and then get really bored and never open this blog ever again. I am already bored of blogging. There was a good fifteen minute pause in between all four of these sentences. ARG! There is some eird looking large bug on the outside of my window. I am sure that I have never seen one like it. It moves so damn slow I just want to go outside and smash it. Not really I am just bored and trying to think of things to say as I type. Now I have to go back to work. I think I might try this again and actually have something to say. Thrash til Death.