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February 16, 2011

Bored and Reading MPD Weekly Highlights

11,775. ROBPAG. Oak Park/ Penn Av.; 11,726. FLEE. Penn/Plymouth. Marco Harris decided that he wanted to go to prison so he committed three armed robberies within 15 minutes and got into a high-speed chase with pursuing officers. Harris was arrested and jailed. Sgts. Carlson and Carpenter, along with Officer Patty Nelson spent the day getting Harris charged with this crime spree.

• REC STOLEN VEHICLE...22nd & Irving, 1/16/11, 1249 hrs....Officers saw a car do a U-Turn & ran the plates. Officers found the car is a listed Mpls stolen. Driver was a Juvenile who was ID'd & photographed by Car 21 & given a nice ride home. Vehicle was towed.

Pretty sure my neighbors were shooting off a gun early this morning, woke me up twice, assholes.

Does this still work?