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For this presentation we will create a lecture with performance aspects included. It will be very much like the presentations that we have had in class, with indepth lecture detail and incorporated performance aspects... What performance aspects you ask? We will have a special guest lecturer, Andreas Gryphius himself. As well as his presentation, we will have a directed Q&A session to find some i depth detail into Gryphius' life. As Gryphius only speaks German, he will need some translators... that's where we come in. Along with a visually appealing power point presentation (and Andreas' fanciful mustache) we will teach/learn/study/ and present GERMAN BAROQUE THEATRE.

Since we've had an extremely difficult time finding direct textual translations of any of Gryphius' theatrical texts, we will be focusing more on the theatrical, social and political context of the time. By exploring the setting we hope to give our audience a good general knowledge and generate interest in delving further into the actual works. By incorporating Gryphius into the presentation we hope to increase interest in the subject and captivate our audiences attention for the duration of our presentation.

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A couple things to think about:
1. The presentation sounds fun and informative. I know for a fact, however, that your 20 minutes will fly by! You should refine your idea about the appearance of Gryphius himself. Perhaps you ask him one question, or two. 20 minute is not a lot of time, so you should constantly time yourselves and remember that "less is more" (as long as the "less" is focused and precise).

2. A quick search on JSTOR reveals that English translations of his poetry do exist. See, for example, Andreas Gryphius: A Modern Perspective by Blake Lee Spahr. Review by: Richard Erich Schade. Monatshefte, Vol. 86, No. 4 (Winter, 1994), pp. 566-567. There are many more. I think you can easily get around the translation issue, but you'll have to do more research!

So, in short, everything sounds ok for now. You are still thinking a bit too broadly about your twenty minutes,so you'll need to constantly refine your ideas.

Grade: 95%

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