Narrowing Our Scope

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1. The specific time period in which we will focus on within the Baroque German Theatre is the time period between 1647-1663.
2. The artist that we plan on focusing on is Andreas Gryphius and his assorted plays.
3. In the time Gryphius is writing, Germany has just ended the thirty war. The two religious sides have a sharp religious divided between the Catholics in the North and the Protestants in the South. The Imperial Army has nothing to go home to and have turned bandits or mercenaries pillaging the countryside. The nobles has lost most control in the South and the peasants were able to bargain for the lower rents and higher pay for crops.
4. As we began research on Baroque German Theatre we quickly hit a brick wall and were having a problem finding information, we finally found a list of certain playwrights of the time. We began researching each of the playwrights and found that Andreas Gryphius had the most information and was "hailed with Baroque fervor as the greatest German dramatist of all time" (Spahr 1). We decided that Gryphius would be the most interesting to research as his information is the most prevalent.
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