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The warring between the Catholics and the Protestants, during the Thirty Years War, affected Gryphius through many aspects of his life, including his upbringing and the death of his parents. This war served as the spark of inspiration for much of Gryphius' works, both dramatic and Comedic, as seen in Leo Armenius and Horribilicribrifax. The themes of the war as well as his status of representative to the estate of the Monarch allowed for Gryphius to travel around Europe, gathering ideas, theatrical styles and content that he would later draw upon when writing his plays. By drawing this content out and adding his own "poetic additions" (Stackhouse 17), Gryphius reaped the benefits of creating dramatic works unparalleled to any other German writer of the time.

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This argument is in very good shape. I think the last sentence needs some work, and I'd like to make a suggestion for how to strengthen it. Namely, I think you're argument should forward a claim about why Gryphius's works were held in such high esteem. Did his proximity to the war create a certain German sense of self that his audiences could identity with? Did he cast the ruling party in a favorable light, thereby helping them through the turbulence of the war? See if you can round off your statement with a claim that addresses some part of these questions.

Grade: 95%

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