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Week 1: This week we focused mostly on finding a playwright to focus on. I researched a few playwrights and eventually found Andreas Gryphius. He seems to be the playwright with the most information about him. We can use the fact that there is not much information on any other playwright than Gryphius and discuss why he made it through history and his fellow writers didn't.

Week 2: This week I took home a book of Gryphius' sonnets. This book has every sonnet translated and analyzed. This will be important in our research as we dive more into the mind of Gryphius and the style of writing during the time of Baroque German Theatre.

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Response to first two entries:
JuCoby, these entries are starting points. For the next two entries, I would like you to go into much more detail. At the moment, your responses don't help me see your thought process at all. Try this: write about a specific line of analysis that comes out of that book on Gryphius's sonnets. Latch on to a particular quotation or question and then riff on that. I want to see how your thinking about these things, and at the moment I only see a little bit of what you're thinking about.

First Check in Grade: 80%

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