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January 6, 2005

Built-in Slave Complex

I have had to adjust to many things, but one of the most difficult to overcome is what I've come to call my built-in slave complex. In the Soviet Union, you see, there is no need for the average citizen to make decisions because everything is regulated: where one works, where one lives, and what one does. There is no unemployment, and everyone has a job, even if the pay might be next to nothing. In a democratic society, however, there is a nutural and dynamic competitiveness. In a free-market system each person has to take care of himself, plan his own future, and find his own job. That's independence. In America there are no common proscriptions or directives about how to behave or where to work or how to live.

Even the relationships between people are different here from those in the Soviet Union. In America most people appear to be outspoken and self-confident whether they are at work or at play. It is relatively rare to meet an American who suffers from an inferiority complex or who keeps all emotions inside. Yet I discovered that I had exactly those complexes, undoubtedly as a result of growing up in the Soviet Union. I'll even go so far as to suggest that most of the Soviet people have those same complexes. Early on during my life in the United States I recognized that I would have to wait to be told what to do. I knew that only I could overcome it and become an indepedent, self-confident, self-reliant individual. It has been a long and difficult uphill battle for me. (p217, 218)

-- "On the wrong side -- My Life in the KGB"
-- Stanlislav Levchenko
-- 1988, Pergamon-Brassey's International Defence Publishing, Inc

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Developing self confidence could be hard especially when you grew up living in a place where most people are not that confident. You just need to free yourself from their influence so that you can develop self confidence.

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You need to improve more on your communication skills to help you gain more confidence. You need to be more aggressive in communicating your ideas or even your opinions. It would be hard to adjust at first but you need to and you have to be more observant to learn.

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The society greatly influences us especially our personality. It can even dictate the things that one must do to be accepted in the society. What one needs to do in order to cope with what the society sets up for people is to become a positive individual.

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