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January 8, 2005

Even Bill Gates has computer problems

2005 Coumser Electronic Show, Las Vegas

Bill Gates, chairman of the Microsoft, was wounded several times on Wednesday night during what has become his annual Consumer Electronics Show pre-opening keynote address. In a strange, television talk show-format performance with Conan O'Brien, the host of NBC's late-night show, Gates watched helplessly as one technology demonstration after another failed to work properly during his keynote.

The PC is where it all comes together, Gates said of the digital living room. But it quickly became apparent that the PC is also where it can all come apart.

Attempting to demonstrate how easy it will be to share digital photos across home networks and the Internet, Gates repeatedly poked buttons on the remote control of a Windows XP Media Center Edition PC without success. He watched mirthlessly as Microsoft product managers tap-danced through product demos that didn't work as expected. Informed that the photo-sharing demonstration had been fixed, he and O'Brien tried it again. Oops, it still didn't work. (The third time was the charm.)

Things got so bad that a presenter from SBC, showing off a new service for delivering TV shows and movies over broadband Internet connections, cracked that at least her company's demo had gone without a hitch.

As a finale, Gates & Co. somehow coaxed a rare Blue Screen of Death error message from a Microsoft Xbox game console.

If one of the world's richest and most technically astute people can't get this stuff to work, even with a year's preparation and the support of the entire Microsoft corporation, what hope is there for the rest of us?

-- Peter Lewis
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Low - Even Gates has computer problems.
During a demonstration on how easy it will be to share digital photos across home networks and the Internet, the system froze. In a bid to save face Microsoft product managers tried product demos which also gave problems. After being informed the photo-sharing demonstration had been fixed, he and host Conan O'Brien tried it again still no luck -- third time did the trick.

-- Microsoft CES 2005 highs and lows
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