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May 24, 2005

Spatial Structure in EP

Pollack, G. B. (1989) Social Networks 11, 175-212.
Lindgren, K. & Nordahl, M. (1994) Physica D 75, 292-309.
Anderlini, L. & Ianni, A. (1997) in The Dynamics of Norms, eds. Bicchieri,
C., Jeffrey, R. & Skyrms, B. (Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge, U.K.), pp.

Skvoretz, J. 1991. Theoretical and Methodological Models of Networks
and Relations. Social Networks 13: 275-300.

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May 13, 2005

WinCVS to cvs.socsci.umn.edu

Install Wincvs (A GUI client depending on a command inpterpretation program) and cvsnt (The environement supporting cvs command lines);

Goto Preferences of Admin menu in Wincvs, set the excecutable to the cvs.exe that links to the position of cvsnt;

Goto Login of Admin menu in wincvs with CVSROOT :pserver:[user_name]@cvs.socsci.umn.edu:/[repository folder];

Continue other operations, mostly commit and updata.

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May 3, 2005

online time server

Local Time at Minnesota, China

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