Challenges of working in teams

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We got Iteration 1 done; but, it was challenging. With little skills in C++ my partner and I struggle throughout this project. Something we thought would be easy turned out to be difficult.

In the real world it is said a team must learn to cooperate, communicate and set standards in order to get a project done efficiently and effectively. In addition, it would also allow the team to divide and conquer the project. With this in mind, my partner and I divided the project into halves; I would be responsible for one half of project and my partner for the other half of the project. When I thought about this divided and conquer method it sounded so great due to the decrease in work load for the both of us. However, this wasn't the case because my partner and I didn't utilize team communication. As a result, we didn't set standards in which we would agree to use - such as having the same variables or place braced differently, thus led to challenges.

I believe the most challenging aspect from this project was when my partner and I came together to combine our project. For example, my partner and I named our variables differently and putted functions in a single file or separate files. To make thing worse we had our own preferences on how to write codes, thus led to disagreement. This was the result of not communicating with each other in the beginning. With this in mind, we then concluded together that we had to communicate if we wanted to get the project done. And so, my partner and I set up dates to come together to re-write our project so that it can be in a single format that both of us would agree and recognize. As a result of finally utilizing communication and collaboration, my partner and I were able to agree upon what functions to have, the naming of variables, the write up of the codes, what comments are needed, and how to put space to make the program more readable. In the end, the project was in format in which we both understand and there were no more disputes - even if we had a dispute we would solve it appropriately before things get out of hand. We also learned that we didn't need to use svn; however, now we know it's a good tool to use for future projects.

Although working in a team can be troublesome and challenging, it can also make a project much easier. Having a team allow the birth of many ideas to share because everyone think and solve problems in different ways. For example, if I were to work alone I will never know that there are other ways to solve a problem; but, if I work in a team I can learn and utilize the different ideas my partner have and improve my problem solving skills. Never the less, working in a team gives us the benefits- swapping our thoughts and learning from each other.

In contrast, one thing I notice when it comes to working alone is it can be rather difficult, especially when it comes to finding an error. This has happened to me so many times and it can be really painful because I think my program is perfect but I have to find where an error might be! Working with a partner will solve this situation very well. As I said above, everyone is different and everyone will picture a program differently. Consequently, the error you can't find will be fixed by others quickly. Maybe that is why different students ask different questions during a lecture.

Although working with a partner can make our life easier, sometimes we can mess it up for some reason. To keep all these benefit, we must always keep in mind -communication, good programming practice, comments and the use of tools.

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