Decision Making/Decision Persuading

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Finishing up my reading for the exam coming up, I ran across the section about decision making and found some components of decision making interesting. Specifically I found that framing, or the way a question is formulated that can affect the decisions we make. After learning about framing I realized how often framing is used in everyday life. For example, I know that framing is insanely evident in politics and marketing.
Persuasion is a manipulative tool that is often used during political campaigns when citizens such as ourselves are trying to make important decisions, such as, who is going to run our country for the next four years. A key way that politicians help coerce our thinking to their side of the battle is through framing of questions. Obviously, the main goal of a politicians campaign is to motivate us to stand behind what they're saying and in order for them to do this they must make their stances seem as significant and correct as possible. We've all heard and seen political campaigns that make claims that are seemingly the right choice, but is it really their point that we are believing, or is it the way that their point is being stated?
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This ad used in a recent political campaign is asking us a basic question, but because of the way that question is stated, it makes us rethink the question in a new light and make ultimately affect our decision making.
Framing plays a huge roll in decision making and may be affecting us even when we don't realize it.

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