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We have a blog!

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This is a new page to serve as a dialogue among Sustainability Studies Minor students, other interested students, faculty, staff and community members about sustainability topics at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, in our local communities. and around the world.

What is the Sustainability Studies Minor? The University of Minnesota's Sustainability Studies Minor immerses students in the study of real-world problems from a variety of academic perspectives, incorporating disciplines from across the natural, social and applied sciences. Administered by the Institute on the Environment, the program is unique in its efforts to engage students from every college at the U of M, offering collaborative opportunities that transcend disciplines. Through these diverse perspectives, students will better understand the values, choices, technologies and policies that create a sustainable world.

In addition to the Minor, countless students, staff, faculty, and community members are also actively engaged in sustainability efforts, and this blog will serve as a resource for all of us to share news, knowledge, ideas, opinions, projects, events, etc. 

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