May 4, 2008

Rebuilding Together

05-03-08 Today, I was able to travel to Saint Paul to help with a historic home that needed renovation. The woman that lived there had lost her husband two years back and the house was left in the middle of massive renovations. So, Rebuilding decided to help out. It was a huge project that was expected to end today, but looks like it's going to go on for another couple weeks. The owner was really sweet and guys were more than willing to let me use all the power tools. I learned a lot from my experience there: preparation for sheetrock, preparing a house for painting, safety for lead paint, historic preservation. It was all amazing.


Pic of the Nelson's home

Southwest High School Career and College Center

March 17-April 28th This was a high school that needed help passing their state examinations. I was assigned to help tutor with math, the subject they needed the most help with. My time there was absolutely wonderful. Although not all hours of the day were filled, the times that I was able to talk to the high schoolers and even the bus ride over leaves me with plenty of things to smile about. I'm so happy that I spent my time there. I went every Monday for two hours a day. Just those two hours left me with a tremendous understanding and sympathy for those who are not as fortunate as most of us.