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Role of Blogging in a K-12 Classroom

I've done a little bit of research regarding blogging in a K-12 Classroom. Currently our district is using this in a pilot program as our AUP is somewhat limited as far as posting student work online.
* My research is not very scientific, but what I've found is that when students are asked to blog they actually do their homework. One teacher told a class they were going to start a blog the next day and by 9pm there were at least 9 entries on the next days assignment. My experience says that most students do not work on homework over 24 hours ahead of schedule.
* In addition to this, I've found readings that indicate how much students are online in the first place. Allowing them a new avenue for doing homework that is "up their alley" means they will do homework at all times of the day (and night). Blog postings by students are not just during normal "homework hours".
* English teachers want their students to write and blogging allows students a new avenue for writing. Those who have assigned a blogging assignment have found students are willing to write more often, and for a larger audience.
* Often teachers find students will participate more when they have time to think about what they are saying, rather than speaking during a larger class discussion.
I think blogging is a good idea because it gets students to write and write in a different setting. The more practice they have at communicating by writing, the better for them!