May 30, 2007

How Do We Move Students To The Highest Level?

Currently in my school we are working on Curriculum Mapping. (I actually can't believe that I am mentioning it must be ingrained in my head?) Anyway, we discussed in class how it would be impossible to keep students at the higher levels for every assignment in a class. Now I am thinking that if curriculum mapping were to work as it should, then students could always be working at the highest level in at least one class. I think that would be kind of cool if the mapping were constructed so well that when a science and math class were working at a level one or two, then English could be at a level four or five. This might be too idealistic, but in a perfect world I think it could work.
In an imperfect world, I think we try to intentionally add some of the higher levels to each class and then see what happens. I am sure that there are opportunities for higher level activities in most classes already, they might just need a bit of tweeking/rewording.