January 24, 2007

Polar Husky

I really enjoyed looking at this curriculum. I see a lot of neat ideas in here and I understand why the students would be so excited to join in on the exploration.
As I mentioned in class tonight, I think this full curriculum would work better in a setting where one or two teachers teach multiple content areas. Examples might be Elementary Ed, Special Ed, or ALC. I also see where this may be of interest to students as an after school activity.
I do see bits and pieces of the curriculum functional in various classes, but I do not think I would do justice to the site content by choosing just pieces. Maybe that's okay? Right now I think the activities involving ArcExplorer, Google Earth and GPS look the best.
If you are reading this and you would like to check it out...the site is

Planning for K-12 Technology Design and Integration

I am really excited about this class. To think that it is so small and then to have 3 students with backgrounds in Math to be in the class is amazing.
I am also looking forward to the development of the Learning Technologies Wiki. I am anxious to see how this develops.