December 4, 2006

Technology Marketing Plan

I really liked the idea that we came up with last week for marketing our technology plan. I've been thinking about it a lot this past week. My thoughts are revolving around the cost that it might take to really get the plan going. I was thinking about how well a marketing class might do with it. Since I don't know much about teaching marketing, I'm wondering if I had the plan and they did the work would be too "prescribed" for a class project. I might need to check to see about that idea.
I liked the idea so well though. I really think it had potential somewhere, just finding someone to pay for it is the problem. I'm wondering what other schools do for projects like this. It almost sounds like you would need to be in a private school in order to secure this kind of funding. I wonder what others are thinking or if that portion of class is "long gone"?