Cell Phones-Good? Bad?

There is debate among the scientists researching the affects of cell phones on the people who carry them. The first site that I looked at discussed whether or not wear on phone one one's hip would cause bone loss. The results are conflicting. The Web MD site posted two separate articles. One stating that research has shown that in the number of men that they studied the bone mass of the hip on which they were carrying their phone was indeed smaller. However, it was not significant enough to make a solid conclusion. They speculated that this could be because their subjects were fairly young and not as prone to osteoporosis, and the older generation would see more of an effect on their bones from the use of the portable phones.

The second article countered this saying that the same waves that cellphones give off are actually used to treat patients that have bone related injuries, such as osteoporosis and broken bones. On the other hand, the waves from cell phones are at a much higher frequency than are the waves that are used to heal. The main specialist quoted in this article said that there is actually no other research to support this, but that all the time and money is going into researching about cell phones and their effects on brain tumors or brain cancers. Even for this research, though, a totally conclusive result is probably years off.

I hope that neither of these articles are true, considering how much I use my cell phone, and that I carry it in the pocket of my jeans at all times.However, if the same waves that cell phones give off are used to help heal bones I have faith that when the real and concrete results do come out, that my skull, hips, and brain are safe from damage. I would also like to find out if texting is going to lead to an increase in arthritis in my generation. Only time will tell.


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