Food coma?

Everyone knows that you get sleepy after you eat a thanksgiving dinner. But why? Is it because of the high levels of typrophan, an amino acid used in other cases as a sleep inducer? No. The levels of tryptophan are too low in the thanksgiving turkey in order to produce a coma-like state that we are all so fond of after our meal on the important thursday of November, according to a Los Angeles TImes Article. In face, they claim that eating a turkey would put more tryptophan in your system and that the real reason for the sleepy state is the overload in carbohydrates.

In the video, they state that on average, a person consumers more calories in one thanksgiving meal than they would normal consume over an entire day. I find this statement very interesting, but when I think about it, I believe it to be true. I guess I will definitely have to be aware when I drive 2 and a half hours after dinner tomorrow.

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