Movie icon Elizabeth Taylor passes away at age 79

Elizabeth Taylor, an actress known for her stunning beauty, died Wednesday in Los Angeles at the age of 79.

Ms. Taylor's cause of death was from congestive heart failure, according to a N.Y. Times article. She has had several medical conditions the past couple of years and was hospitalized six weeks ago due to heart problems.

Ms. Taylor was most well-known for her acting, her gorgeous figure and her two Academy awards. But her involvement in the fight against AIDS, her eight marriages and several near-death experiences also made her an iconic figure in popular culture.

Stardom and glamour tie-in well with Ms.Taylor's image, but popularity is her biggest credential. She played in more than 60 films throughout the years and won two Oscars for best actress, a Washington Post article reported. She appeared on the cover of People's magazine more than 25 times and Life Magazine 14 times, more than any other film star.

The N.Y. Times article was written by William McDonald before he passed away in 2005. William Grimes and Daniel E. Slotnik contributed to updating the report. The Washington Post article was written after Ms. Taylor passed away.

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