NFL union and owners fail to meet deadline; union to decertify

The NFL players union and NFL owners failed to reach an new Collective Bargaining Agreement before Friday's deadline, and now a lockout is almost certain.

The NFL Players Association decertified shortly after the two sides could not come together. Decertification allows the union to sue the NFL under anti-trust laws if the owners decide to lockout the players, according to an article.

Owners are expected to lock out players Saturday, according to a N.Y. Times article, which prevents players from participating in team work outs. Prominent stars such as Drew Brees, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have filed antitrust lawsuits against the NFL, according to ESPN.

The NFL players union and owners have been negotiating with a federal mediator for 16 session and have extended the deadline twice, but still could not agree on how to split revenue, according the N.Y. Times.

ESPN reports the union would have to wait six months to sue the NFL if they did not decertify.This would ultimately, delay the process even more.

The N.Y. Times reports the owners were unwilling to provide financial information that the union was seeking. Financial information is something the union has been strongly seeking.

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