Assad brings promises, Syrians still protest

By Calvin Swanson

Thousands of Syrian protesters scampered the streets Sunday, making their anti-government concerns heard.

On Saturday, Syrian President Basher Assad promised to lift emergency laws, which have been in place for decades, that allowed security forces to arrest suspected dissidents, according to a LA Times article. Despite Assad's promises, Syrians continued to protest and have been protesting the past few weeks.

More than 200 have been killed because of the protests and dozens have been arrested, according to a BBC article.

The protests have been sparked by the citizens' lack of confidence in their government, and recent reaction suggests that the people are not still not satisfied, despite the government's moves.

Protests have broke out in several prominent Syrian cities, the LA Times reported, cities such as Aleppo, Baniyas, Duma, Zamalka, Harasta, Homs and Latakia.

The BBC reported the rallies were held on Syria's Independence Day, which marked the day, 65 years ago when French soldiers departed.

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