Cuba celebrates 50 year anniversary of Bay of Pigs

By Calvin Swanson

One of the largest military and civilian parades was performed at the Revolution Plaza in Havana Cuba Saturday. Thousands of soldiers high-stepped their way through the streets, while hundreds of thousands of civilians joined in.

The country is celebrated the 50-year anniversary of the defeat over Cuban exiles trained by American CIA in an attempt to overthrow party leader Fidel Castro, according to a BBC article. The parade also celebrated the 50-year mark of Castro's proclamation that Cuba is not democratic but socialist.

Chants of "Long live Fidel!" rang the streets of Havana, while helicopters and airplanes crowded the skies above, according to a MSNBC article.

Raul Castro, 79, Fidel's brother and present leader of Cuba, assembled the military personnel for the festivities, according to MSNBC. Fidel, 84, was not seen at the parade.

Despite the celebration of socialism, the BBC reported President Raul Castro stated the country must reduce the role of government, and that it must encourage more private enterprise while moving forward.

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