Twelve kids shot and killed in Brazilian school

By Calvin Swanson

A gunman shot and killed ten girls and two boys ranging in age from 12 to 15 at a Brazilian elementary school Thursday.

The gunman, identified as Wellington Oliveira, 23, lined the children up against a wall before he shot each of them in the head at point-blank range, according to a Washington Post article. Oliveira, who had two handguns in his possession, shot and killed himself after being confronted by the police.

Oliveira was a former student of the Tasso da Silveira, the elementary school where the shooting took place, according to a BBC article. There is no clear motive of why he gun-downed the children at school.

The first funerals for the 12 children were held Friday atop hill overlooking Tasso da silveira, according to the Washington Post. More than a thousand people gathered for the events. This is the beginning of a three-day national morning for the victims, according to the BBC.

The Washington Post reported Brazilian crime experts stated this was the worst school shooting in the country's history.

The BBC reported Oliveira left a suicide not at the scene, and it gave detailed instructions on how he wanted to be buried, but it gave no reasons why he decided to attack the school.

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